Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making a Scene. . .

In the land of blog we read the word vignette so often that we assume everyone knows what it means.  Lately though, I have discovered that’s not the case.

In the past few months when I used the word I found that quite a few people had no idea what I was talking about.

I thought I would try and make it a little more clear. . .the word vignette has 3 definitions.  The one that we are referring to is:  A brief scene.

In our homes we are constantly creating vignettes throughout.   It makes them more appealing and inviting. 

So it only makes sense that we might want to do the same at our Dog Kennel Quilt Show.

Last weekend was the big day of our show.  Take a look at some of the scenes the Kennel Girls created. . . .

Using two of her red and green quilts Diana put together this  ‘cherry’ vignette.


Luscious cherries and darling dishes that she found at a thrift store sit atop a cheerful quilt.  It still needs to be quilted, but isn’t it ‘sweet’?  Another one with pinwheels and tulips hangs over a chair.


I too had cherries on my mind.


Just a little quilt perfect for plopping over a vintage ironing board.


A darling stitching of a sewing machine made by Sue.



How cute is this scene made by Laurie?  I’m sure all of you quilters will be wanting to create a similar vignette for Halloween!


I love the vibrant colors in this quilt and isn’t Mr. Skelly great?


What a great bench made from an old headboard.  More fun Halloween quilts and framework.


I had to show one more pic of the fun saying she wrote on the chalkboard.  Isn’t it so true?


Not to be outdone. . .Diana created another fabulous Halloween scene.  It’s hard to take this girl anywhere without her ‘making a scene’. lol!


Who Knew Lynda had such giant spiders lurking in her backyard?

This is such a fun quilt with the rickety old haunted house!


Here it is under a tree with a fabulous Halloween quilt called ‘Hocus Pocusville”.


Now you know when you hear the word vignette what it means.

I hope you get a chance to ‘make a scene’ somewhere!


The Kennel Girls

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