Friday, December 4, 2009

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

A Wish and Miss-We Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Miss those who were not there to celebrate with us!

Our Homespun exchange

Lynda has been so busy that she led me to believe that being President just isn't keeping her busy enough. We'd better find more work for her. Ya think?


and Lyndas. See what I mean.

compliments of the chef

Diana finished her project from day of quilting-Great job!

picture of the picture taker

Cutest little pups all decked out for Christmas



and more food-let's eat. YUM!

Schnibbles unveiled

Table Decor

"The Jills" arrived at the same time

Queenie being a bit embarassed from all the attention

a few of the girls ready to party

If there's one thing (or should I say three things) we Kennel Girls know how to do it's definately -Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Boy, what a fun time we had at our Christmas luncheon. When I first entered the room I was rendered almost speechless at the fancy attire our Queen had arrived in. She was decked out from head to toe with matching clutch. I must admit, I felt a little under dressed. Only for a minute though, because then my thoughts turned to the beautiful table decor. Again the queen out did herself. She had placed the cutest little dog ornaments at each of our table settings. The food was wonderful as usual and our cute chef, (we didn't actually get to see him, but I'm sure he was cute) graced us with free warm and deliciously gooey cookies. We got to actually see Rae Anns darling schnibbles quilt. Everyone is excited to get to do this fun project. Now we are all on a hunt for glace' charm packs. Lynda and Diana showed us projects that they had been busy working on this month. Many of us have some at the quilters and hope to show them in Jan. Jill Walker proudly announced that since we had last met she has finished four quilts. Boy did we catch her fish, line, and sinker. Ten of us participated in the homespun exchange and we now have a fun start to a Fall 2010 Homespun quilt. Rae Ann and I had a wonderful time snapping pictures of everyone and all the delicious food. La Ree said that she doesn't even take this many pictures of her grandchildren. Since when did Kennel Girls take a back seat to granchildren? Ha-Ha! I know, it doesn't take much to entertain us. Like I said, Eat, Drink and BE MERRY!