Monday, September 28, 2009

Dog Kennel Quilt Show

On Sept. 11th we held our annual Dog Kennel Quilt Show. Each year we hold the event outdoors in one of our members gardens. It never seems to awe me as I enter and see all of the fantastic quilts displayed throughout. This year was no exception. The entire day was dog-gone perfect! The weather was gorgeous. We enjoyed a fantastic luncheon (the members contribute-and I think we are all pretty great cooks), had a fabulous trunk show, had vendors selling products, and had alot of visitors come.
After the show we have a member dinner with our hubbies. This way they get to see the quilts and realize that their wife is not the only one with the addiction. Also, it proves to them that we really do more than just visit and eat. Each year we sell tickets for at least one quilt, (this year we had four items), the funds received are donated to Primary Childrens Hospital.

Thanks to all those members who displayed quilts, brought food, helped set-up and take down, and headed up all of our committees. It's people like you that make our guild so great! WOOF!