Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

In May the Alpine Quilt Guild asked us if we would do a trunk show for them. It was decided that we would show quilts that we either did as a project exchange, doggy treat class, or day of quilting. Lynda put out the call for everyone to bring her their quilts. As the time drew nearer she became a bit worried. She had not received very many quilts. But like all good little doggies the girls pulled through and there were plenty of quilts to show. This post is a bit long but you can see everything we've done throughout the years. We had a great time showing them and I hope that you enjoy this "walk down memory lane"!

This is Paula Mckinley. She is the president of the Alpine guild this year.
Behind her are our cute doggy theme quilts. Lynda told them how we got started and where our name and logo came from.

After she was through helping her members hold up their show and tell this is what her legs looked like. A true quilter indeed!

Our first exchange was blocks that could be used in an eye spy quilt. Most of these were given as gifts to children and grandchildren. Don't ask how, but I accidently deleted this pic. There is probalby someway to retrieve it. Sorry, I have no idea.

Our spool quilt was a fun doggy treat class. I love the picots.

These Halloween quilts were our first block exchange. Each person who signed up made 12 of the same block. It's fun to see how each individual put theirs together. I only used 9 of mine and made pillows out of the other three. This is still one of my favorite holiday quilts.

We had so much fun with our Halloween block exchange that we decided to do it again. This time with a snowman theme. I loved getting everyones block. It was almost as exciting as Christmas morning when you were a child.

This was our 'common threads' project. We were each given the green fabric and then you were able to put whatever else you wanted with it. Laurie made this cheery sunflower quilt.

These were mini kits that Laurie put together. If you were at guild that month you got one free! Wow, I was lucky enough to get two of them.

Don't look at this too long or you may be hypnotized. Seriously, they are darling but they do something to my eyes. This was a project taught by my friend Joyce and myself at our day of quilting. As you can see, some made them small and some large.

This was a fabric exchange of red, white, blue and gold. Such a fun variety!
Another red, white, blue and gold quilt.

Help! I can't remember what this was. So much for going by memory.
Lynda made this runner of 'square in a square'. It was another day of quilting project taught by Cheryl Davis.
This was a flannel exchange. I think Joylyn made this one.

I made my flannel quilt for my hubby. He loves it! It's definately warm and cozy.

This Civil War quilt was taught by Helen B. The points of the stars were cut off intentionally. That was a bit hard for some of us. At first I didn't think I could do it. I mean, I do it enough unintentionally. Then I decided to stay true to how the soldiers quilts really were. I have never regretted it.

This was an Aunt Gracies block exchange garden quilt. Everyone put theirs together however they wanted. Loved, loved this one!

Paula Mckinley taught this double Irish chain. Another Doggy treat class. My favorite quilt!

This was a Jewel Tone fabric exchange. One stipulation was that your quilt had to be some kind of a star. We got some wild fabrics and people were a bit worried.

So fun- you can see what a variety there was. Some of them you had to look close to see the star.

As you can tell, they had nothing to worry about. They all turned out darling!!

This quilt is called "Crazy among Friends". How appropriate for our group. Another block exchange project. The rule was Jewel tones.

Crazy, crazy in love with these quilts!

Our own sweet Rae Ann taught us how to make these star blocks. We each made at least one and donated it for our charity quilt that year. Rae Ann made this darling one for herself.

Close up of the stars.

Our guild theme was "This is a Banner Year". Nancy and Joylyn taught us all about color and how to use lights and darks. Banners were made throughout the year for different holidays.
Janey was so proud of her mini me banner. SOOO cute!

Valentines and Winter banners.

American banners. You can never have enough Americana, right?

Such a sweet 'Brown Bag' (otherwise known as ugly) quilt. As you can see-NO such thing! La Ree just made this. I love the narrow sashing!

more darling 'brown bag' quilts.

Last years 'Home for every Holiday' paper piecing exchange. A home was made for each of the 12 months. Alot of people were not too crazy about how this exchange turned out because the colors were all so different. We did make one for a charity quilt. To our surprise, after it was put together it turned out much cuter than we originally thought. Jill Carroll, one of our members won it.

"Winter White" a Schnibbles class taught by Rae Ann. She has taught us two Schnibbles and will teach us a third one this month. What is a schnibbles? Well, it's just a schnibbles of a quilt. In other words-small.

Our second schnibbles project.

Sorry, I posted this in the wrong order. This is a Valentines schnibbles made by Rae Ann from the first "Winter White" pattern.

more of our 2nd Schnibbles. Such fun fabrics!

At our last doggy treat class Carmen Geddes taught this Lone Star. There were two sizes to choose from. Love these and I am sooo regretting not signing up for this class!

Well, it's been a long journey, but such a memorable one. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to many more years of block, and fabric exchanges; Doggy Treat classes and Day of Quilting. I know I do! I have alreay been selecting the pattern that I am anxiously anticipating on using for our latest Homespun exchange. Happy quilting to one and all!

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  1. Thanks Jan, it so awesome to have these pictures of the history of our guild. The quilts were all so cute and we could see how we've all improved our quilting skills through the years. I wish I had joined earlier, I'm jealous of some of those quilts!