Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tie One On!

Oh my what a fun January meeting!

One of our members, Rae Ann volunteered to do a trunk show of her vintage aprons and also show us how to make an apron out of an old men or woman’s shirt.

As we entered the room we were greeted with a bounty of aprons.


Our president, Diana arrived early and helped Rae Ann set up her wonderful display.


What a display it was.  All kinds of vintage eye candy!


Before we started the show Diana passed out patterns for our charity quilt to those who hadn’t received them.


Then she turned the time over to me for a plug for our ‘Kennel Blog’

Keeping with the theme of this months guild:  The Three R’s:  Recycle, Reuse, and Recreate.  In Mary Janes Farm Magazine this month she used the terms:  Rescue, Resurrect, Restore, and Re-Market.

I showed a couple of recreated items.

Here I am posing (a bit silly) with my recreated doggy bag.  Now ladies, this bag holds a bundle.  I have taken it on get-aways and it is great! Hey, it’s big enough to hide my not so small tush!


Wouldn’t it be dog-gone fun if all of us gals had one?

Well, I’m going to start it off.  I’m not saying when, but sometime in the near future I will be giving a doggy bag away to one of our followers.  You’ll just have to check in every now and then to find out when.


I also showed a pillow that I made from a pink chenille sham that I picked up at the D.I. for $1.50.  Yes, I do have eyes.  They just seem to always be closed.  lol!


Next it was time for ‘Show and Tell’

Diana showed us her cheery tulip (mystery quilt) she made from Morgansens in Payson.  Won’t that polka dot be cute on the back?


Jill made this darling Christmas quilt for a display in “Just Sew”.  Linda from the shop quilted it.  The design was fantastic!  She chose minky for her backing.  What a warm and wonderful quilt!


On with the show!

Look at these two.  Don’t they look like they’re ready for Valentines Day?


Rae Ann’s collection was absolutely breathtaking!



Look at the darling detail on this cute gingham number.


When it comes to aprons, it’s all about the details.  It was so interesting how this design was created.


Wouldn’t you love to have a collection like this?  I have quite a few aprons.  Some vintage and some new, but mine don’t hold a candle to this ladies!



This group once belonged to her husbands Aunt, Iva Lou .  Rae Ann said that she was a very tall lady.  I’m going by memory here, so sorry if I am wrong.  Wondering about the first one on the left.


Not only were there aprons to work in, but aprons for ‘Sunday Best’.


This little one was reversible.  One side to cook in and one to serve in.  Can you guess which is which?  Both look pretty darn cute to me!


All of you ladies that crochet will appreciate this.


This one was made from dishcloths.  CLEVER!


These are new aprons that Rae Ann has made herself.


Just look at this darling apron she made from a mans gingham shirt.  The pocket is made from the shirt sleeve and cuff.  Love the trim.  Like I say, it’s all about the details!


Next she showed us two more shirts and the embellishments she was going to use.  Does this woman ever sleep?  I think not!!!

What a cute pocket this dish towel will make!



This will be a half & half apron.  Can’t wait to see it finished.


Check out last months post to see another sweet apron she created from a woman’s shirt.

Diana, Susann, and Judy showed the shirts that they are going to transform into an apron.


Rae Ann gave each of us a folder with all kinds of fun apron handouts.  Including the original story behind and two poems of ‘Grandmothers Apron”.


By the end she had us all fired up and we were thinking that we needed to start an apron club.  Like any of us NEED another club.

It was unanimous that we would call it “Tie One On”!  As crazy as us girls are, you’d think we’d been tying one on in a different way.  Hee-hee!


Next month we are going to have a ‘Doggy Treat’ class and work on making  an apron from a shirt. 

So ladies get those shirts and hope to see you there!

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