Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Work Meeting. . .

This month was the first of our work meetings.  The kennel girls brought their own projects along with a pot luck item and sewed into the afternoon.  I wasn’t able to attend so I sent my camera with Amanda for photos.

Thanks ladies for covering for me!


Some brought hand stitching while others sewed with their machines.




Eight members were in attendance.  Again, Sylvia seemed to escape without getting her picture taken.

Sue, Cindy, JoyLyn, Lynda, Amanda, and Janey.  Cindy is a previous member and we’re so happy to have her back this year!


Notice in this picture Lynda is missing and Jill C. has joined the group.


Jill showed us this darling Christmas quilt.  She is going to make a few of these to give to her kids for Christmas.  She has a poem that talks about the quilt being passed through each member of the family to sleep with nightly through the month of Dec.


Another beautiful quilt by Sue.



Next month we will meet at the Alpine Country Club for our Christmas luncheon.  Always a fun day!

Happy quilting!

The Kennel Girls

Monday, November 11, 2013

October Meeting. . . Change is a Comin!

The month of Oct. is the start of a new year for ‘The Dog Kennel Quilt Guild’

It has always ended with our annual outdoor quilt show in Sept.  The following month a new president takes over.

Amanda will be our president this year.  She is a ‘on the ball’ kind of gal.  We know what a super job she will do!


You can see how excited these cute girls are to find out what’s on the agenda.

Susann (left) was voted in as our President Elect.  JoyLyn (center) will  put together our annual retreat, and RaeAnn (right) will be heading up our  quarterly ‘doggy treat’ classes.


Sweet Diana volunteered to be in charge of our charity quilt.


Lynda reserved the Country Club for our yearly Christmas bash which will be held Dec. 6th at noon.  Jilly has been battling a sickness for quite some time and wasn’t able to attend much last year.  So happy that she’s feeling better and back with us.  Doesn’t she look super?


Sylvia is still our treasurer/membership gal and I am the new Vice President.  Can’t believe I missed getting a picture of Sylvia.

A lot of changes were proposed and voted on.  JoyLyn will be typing up the new bi-laws.

I brought this witch table topper as kind of a joke.  I finished it at our retreat.  But, I started it ten or so years ago.  It was so big it just took me that long. lol!


Sue came home from the retreat and was right back at it.  She sewed up this fall quilt with her new ‘twister’ ruler she bought in St. George.  Sorry, didn’t notice that I got ya looking down.


She didn’t stop there.  She made a cute pillow with a little ruler. . .and Yes, there is more.


this one using some of her 2” squares.  Does this woman ever sleep?  I think not!


We will continue to exchange 2” squares this year so keep bringing them to each meeting.

Happy quilting,

The Kennel Gals

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Quilting Retreat

After our annual Dog Kennel Quilt Show us kennel girls thought it would be a great idea to get away to St. George.

Lynda and Sue had condos that they were willing to share so the retreat was planned.  What a wonderful reward after all of our hard work.  Not everyone was able to attend, but eight of us could hardly wait.

Even though it was back in Sept.  the memories are still fresh in my mind.  We laughed, we ate (like queens), and sewed into the wee hours of the night.  Or, maybe I should say morning.

Some of us, not mentioning any names Raeann; (lol!) cut for days on end. 


While others (Susann)  had fun ‘plating’ up pretty fabric squares.


And one cut and plated.


There were those that were ‘Fall’ struck and could sew nothing other than the colorful shades of Autumn.

Yes, that would be you Janey.




Some people’s work was so professional that she put a few of us to shame.  I am so regretting that I didn’t get a picture of JoyLyns perfect block.



Sue has an amazing start on her quilt using the 2” squares we have been exchanging this past year.



Jill made a darling Valentine quilt and sewed a fun animal one for charity.  The Valentine quilt was a bit frustrating for poor Jill.  The instructions were wrong which caused her to do a fair share of unpicking.  A quilters nightmare!


Once that was behind her she got a great start on a darling snowman quilt.  She purchased the fabric in St. George.


Lynda really got a head start on next year.  She made this fun Halloween  wall hanging and started on the  Winter one too.  Lots of little detail in this baby!


Some of us. . .that would be moi worked on things that they had started ages ago.  Even actually finished a couple.  May have done a bit of unpicking too.


We worked for hours on end, but still found time for a bit of snacking.  Oh, and shopping too!  And some of us even went to see “Mary Poppins’  at  Tuachan.


Quite a few of us sewed some quick and easy charity quilts that RaeAnn had brought.





I think everyone there would agree that we were the ‘Crazy 8’, but oh what fun we had!


And a big shout out to RaeAnn and Susann for buying and cooking our delicious meals!

Keep on quilting!

The Kennel Girls



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Four Seasons Trunk Show Cont.–Spring & Summer

Well, I’m finally getting back to posting about the remainder of the trunk show.

Again I apologize for the shadowy pics.

Beth Peterson and Roylene Weight did a fabulous job of hi-lighting these two glorious seasons!


Beth started it off with this darling applique quilt.  It hi-lites each month of the year.

From there she showed us this cute Valentines quilt.  I love the fabrics!


Roylene followed with this ‘Sweetheart’ quilt.  So very sweet!  She always makes her quilts bigger by adding additional borders.


Beth just recently made this ‘chocolate bunnies’.  Another beautiful applique quilt!


How fun are these baskets?  Notice the pieced borders?


Another beauty created by Roylene.


This quilt shows everything that quilters love.  Another applique by Beth.  Have you noticed she loves to applique?



I love this sweet watermelon quilt!  Both ladies made one, but I think this is Beths.


Another watermelon quilt by Roylene.  Not a very good picture.


Where there is watermelon, there’s sure to be ants!  This one belongs to Beth.


A fun four seasons red work quilt by Roylene.


We couldn’t go through summer without a few quilts to celebrate our nation!


Little table toppers.



This beauty by Roylene  shows some of the fun summer activities her family enjoys.


Both ladies made a ‘Utah” quilt to celebrate their pioneer heritage.


Roylene showed us how she had framed this piece of an antique quilt that was a family heirloom.


She also showed us this quilt she made from fabric from Africa.  Her son will auction it off to raise money to help feed and clothe the people of Africa.


Thanks ladies for doing such a fabulous job!

Happy Quilting,

The Kennel Girls