Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Guild. . .Making Final Preparations

You could feel the buzz of excitement as we met in our President, Diana’s lovely back yard.

Our annual Fall Quilt Show soon will be here and this year is a special time.

The ‘Kennel Girls’ are celebrating their ‘20th’ year!

Linda S., Kathy, and Diana.  You might be interested to know that Linda’s mother had a bit to do with why we decided to do a quilt show.  Her mother did not start quilting until she was 50 years old.  She became a marvelous quilter.  We saw a trunk show given by her and it inspired us to want to display ours.


Linda L., Sue, Suzanne, Laurie, and Amanda.  Our show is an outdoor feast for the eyes.  It will be held in Linda’s back yard.


Rae Ann and Judy.


Diana passed out an agenda and preparations were made for our upcoming show.

One of the hi-lites of our show that everyone always comments about is our luncheon.  The members furnish the food and let me tell you, it is always so tasty!  The cost is only $3.50 and you will not leave hungry!

This year we will be selling a cookbook with all of our luscious recipes.

After business was discussed and finalized we had a fabulous show and tell.  This is a bit of a sneak peek at what you will see at our ‘Quilt Show’.

Suzanne showed this yummy watermelon quilt.  Doesn’t it look so refreshing on a hot summer day?


The blocks are two different log cabins.


Look at this bright and cheery one made by JoyLyn.


She hand stitched around the blocks with a purple thread and left an exposed knot.  What a cute idea!


This is the block of the month quilt we worked on last year.  It is also the same one we gave away as our charity quilt.  Speaking of charity quilt; we will have 4 or 5 quilts we will be raffling off this year.   Tickets are $1 ea. or 6 for $5.  We will have a separate jar for each quilt.  That way you can buy more tickets for that special one that you are dying to win!  The proceeds from our charity quilt is always donated to a well needed cause.

Kathy’s quilt is so pretty in these soft pastels with a pop of brightness here and there.



Diana comes from a family of hunters.  This cozy flannel quilt will be given to one of her grandsons.


The moose theme is perfect for a young hunter.


The theme is carried on with this wonderful minky backing.


Sue is making this sweet red and white quilt for a local quilt shop, Broadbents.  Many of our members work there.  Sorry about the pic, not the best.


She is still working on the seasonal embroidery.  This is the verse in the center.


I showed my Fall  quilt with touches of wool.  Believe me by the time I finished this I was seeing stars and half square triangles  in my sleep.


I just made this owl quilt for my new grandbaby, Will.  He has a woodland themed nursery.


I also showed this small quilt made from a jelly roll.


I saved the best for last.  Really, all of the quilts are wonderful but just wait till you see this beauty.  Amanda, Diana, and I took a class to make this quilt called “Grandmothers Flower Garden”.   Diana and I are not finished with ours yet.  Diana is closer to being finished than I am.  Can’t wait until I have mine to put on my bed!

Didn’t Amanda do a fabulous job?  It’s an old fashioned quilt made with Aunt Gracie fabrics.  The scallop border is darling!


Just look at that detail!



This post was a bit long, but I hope it left you wanting to see more!  Mark your calendars for our outdoor” BIG 20“ Quilt Show, September 7th.  Hope to see you there!

It will be a dog-gone fun filled day!

I will leave you with a quote from the Mary Jane Farms Magazine.  Diana has been giving us these at our meetings throughout the year.

Why women quilt:

The most popular reason is the desire to create an heirloom, a legacy.  Quilts hold some sort of connection to our heritage.  There are many different reasons to quilt as there are quilters.  When we find moments of creation in our everyday activities, we also find simple satisfaction.

Have a wonderful day!

The Kennel Girls


  1. It was a great meeting in that wonderful yard. I am going to miss summer when it is gone. I didn't mind the cat, and loved watching Diana trying to get rid of it.

  2. Preparing for our quilt show. Everyone pitches in to make things happen. The luncheon is oh so-o-ooo delicious, too. Again, the photos in the blog are great. In addition, your script explaining the different entries are always so much fun to read. the Kennel girls are a great group. I love being a part of their group.