Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Good Quilters

Yes, only a few good quilters attended our Oct. meeting. Those of you who were unable to come were sorely missed. We hope you were out having or doing something fun and not in the dog house! Lynda, LaRee, and I discussed the quilt show and felt that most of it was positive. We have had feed back that some of the committees need more than one person. We think this is a great idea and may relieve some of the committee stress. We also have had requests to sell a cookbook of all of our great recipes. This is something we may want to consider. La Ree brought a baby quilt that she had made for her new grandson. She even hand quilted it. it was sooo cute! Thanks for all of your comments on the blog. It's fun reading them and I loved hearing from Grandma Sue-we miss you! Keep Dec. 1st open for our upcoming Christmas luncheon. Lynda will tell us more about it next month. Thanks Lynda for taking on as our new President. Oh, by the way we still need a Pres. elect. Come on ladies it's not hard and it gets you more involved. Trust me my bark is worse than my bite. But I'm going to keep on you until we have a taker!!!


  1. I miss you guys....however, I am really enjoying the weather down snow.